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October 15Accra, Ghana
October 17Lagos, Nigeria
October 19 Nairobi, Kenya

October 26Moscow, Russia
October 27St Petersburg, Russia
October 29Almaty, Kazakhstan

November 6Osaka, Japan
November 7Tokyo, Japan
November 9Hong Kong, China
November 12Shanghai, China
November 15Chengdu, China
November 17Beijing, China
November 19Taipei, Taiwan
November 21Hanoi, Vietnam
November 23Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

Special Note re: November 9 Hong Kong Fair
Due to the current situation in the city, we are moving the event to earlier in the day. The new fair time will be 12noon – 3:00pm at the Conrad Hotel. We look forward to welcoming you!

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Michael Shaver, Director of International Programs

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